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Puglia for kids: the top 10 child-friendly things to do in Puglia

Puglia is a beautiful region with many alternatives that make it a destination suitable for all ages, also for kids! In fact, it is a lively, organized and fascinating region from different points of view. It offers sea, nature, sport, culture, well-being, and many things to do that can satisfy different needs, that’s why is an area suitable for a family with children. Furthermore, simple and genuine food meets the tastes of the little ones with amazing dishes such as Orecchiette with tomato sauce.
Here is our list of top 10 child-friendly things to do in Puglia.


UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Capital of Trulli is a must for anyone traveling to Puglia with children, who will find very funny these buildings with a conical roof. For kids walking in the narrow streets of Alberobello is like entering a fairy tale and they will literally be amazed.


An extraordinary underground world at an average depth of about seventy meters: the Castellana Caves are the perfect location for a really exciting adventure for children. The complex of karstic origin caves – among the most spectacular in Italy – has an extension of over three kilometers, and can be visited through customizable itineraries suitable for all ages.

castellana grotte caves puglia


This amazing wildlife park situated near Fasano consists of two parts, the drive-through experience with your own car and the amusement park combined with the zoo. At the entrance the Zookeepers will give you a veggie bag, to feed the animals. The Zoosafari have a lot of different kind of animals, kept in freedom of their own space. The animals usually come near the car and feeding them will attract them even more. In the second part of the tour, an electric monorail train will take you among the animals and leave you near the Mammal Lake.



The wonderful sandy beaches of Puglia are perfect for kids and also for parents who can spend a relaxing time. There are many beach clubs with games and equipment suitable for children. Among the many beaches, we mention Torre Guaceto. It is a nature reserve and a marine protected area overlooking the Adriatic Sea with splendid backdrops to be discovered with fins and mask.
Guided tours of the nature reserve are also organized both on foot and by bicycle, and you can discover the ecosystem working principles and the history of local waters. There is also an electric train that leads around the various beaches.

torre guaceto puglia


On the other side of Puglia, in the northern Ionian Sea, a scientific research association studies the cetaceans of the Taranto Gulf. This is the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, which offers an extraordinary experience for kids: a boat tour to see and study live dolphins in their natural habitat.

dolphin see puglia


To love the sea you need to know it and respect it. That’s why among the other activities to be carried out at sea we also point out those of another interesting organization that brings children closer to marine environments and supports responsible tourism activities: Fishing Tourism promoted by Pugliavventura. Through this day aboard a fishing boat, kids will learn the activities of those who live the sea every day, will discover the secrets of a very long tradition trade and will learn how many different fish swim in our sea.


IndianaPark is an exciting Adventure Park immersed in a magnificent oak forest, right at the entrance to the town of Castellana Grotte. The Park is characterized by exciting acrobatic routes suspended between the trees and is suitable for everyone; in fact, there are routes for adults and children. It is an ideal place to spend a day with family to breathe nature and live adventure in complete safety.

indiana park puglia


There are not so many things that children like more than dinosaurs. That’s why in Castellana Grotte they built a beautiful dinosaur park. A sort of open-air museum with life-size animals, faithfully reproduced from fossils found by paleontologists all over the World from 1820 to today. It’s really worth the trip, given the enthusiasm that the little ones have for these amazing creatures of the past.

Dinosaur park


Children who love horses will find many riding schools in Puglia that offer horseback rides for experts and beginners. There’s something for everyone: rides in the countryside, carriage rides and even rides on the beach, to discover the beauty of Puglia at a gallop.

horse ride puglia


Aquapark Egnazia it is one of the largest water parks in southern Italy: children will spend a wonderful day between water games, pools and lots of fun.

Aquapark egnazia




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