“There are experiences that change us. An exclusive vacation in Puglia is one of them.”
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Puglia Paradise: Buy to Rent as a solid investment

Massimo Valentini, founder and director of the company explains how to get the biggest profit.
“Buying and renting a holiday villa with pool in Puglia is an investment that produces to owners an average annual gross interest of 10% on the invested capital, with peaks up 13%”. That is guaranteed by Massimo Valentini, president of Puglia Paradise, an Apulian company specialized in this field of the real estate market.

To get a high rental income it is essential to invest in properties with specific characteristics, placed in strategic areas, restructured in a professional way and, above all, impeccably managed. “In our experience on villas and trulli with swimming pools – says Valentini – we found decisive elements which determine good performance of the villa in the touristic rental market. I’m talking about a stylistic choice in furnishing, the standard level and the comfort of indoor and outdoor spaces; to give an example, the outdoor kitchen is very appreciated, so that guests can stay outside as much as possible.” It is very important also the position of the villa, “that protect the privacy, a very important element for those who are choosing a holiday villa. In order to show the expected level of privacy, Puglia Paradise makes drone tours on each villa so that the future guests can see the villa and their surroundings.”

Since Puglia Paradise works exclusively with foreign customers (countries where English is spoken, plus Russia) the rental period of the villas managed by Puglia Paradise runs from April to November, with a price between 2,000 and 7,500 euros per week. Those performances can only be achieved thanks to an exclusive management of the villa, which allows to control every single detail and to ensure the highest quality level, element particularly appreciated by foreigner guests who are willing to pay premium prices to get a 5-star service”.

Translation of the article “Puglia Paradise: l’affitto di villa con piscina come forma di investimento” published on Ansa.it November 5, 2018.




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