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Best beaches Ostuni

Ostuni is one of Puglia’s most beautiful cities, a tumble of white-washed buildings spreading out over the top of three hillsand offering great views over the sea below. If you are looking for best beaches Ostuni, you can find here some tips.Ostuni’s coastline is still unspoilt with many wonderful beaches. The coastline on the Adriatic Sea runs for 20 km from North to South and you can find a series of long beaches, small inlets, dunes, rifes and Mediterranean vegetation. The place on the coast nearest to Ostuni is Villanova which can be reached taking the road SP20: the whole coast of Ostuni can be explored starting from this charming small port.

Lido Morelli – 8 km from Ostuni city center

Regional Nature Reserve, Lido Morelli is one of the best beaches Ostuni. Here, you’ll be able to find a place even in busy periods.

Rosa Marina – 8 km from Ostuni city center

Rosa Marina is a seaside private village. Along this part of the coast there are some beautiful beaches that can be accessed from the coast. Rosa Marina is part of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Dune Costiere.

Quarto di Monte – 8 km from Ostuni city center

A charming, small beach not far from Villanova port. Quarto di Monte is a very well known beach by the locals because there is a bar for lovely nights out next to the beach.

Torre Pozzella – 9 km from Ostuni city center

This is a wild and untouched coast of enchanting beauty, absolutely one of the best beaches Ostuni. It is so named after a tower was built between 1565 and 1569 and is called “Pozzella” for the abundant number of “pozzi” (wells) of spring water in the area.

Torre Guaceto – 20 km from Ostuni city center

The nature reserve of Torre Guaceto in Puglia is a WWF protected area with extraordinary natural resources. A stunning series of inlets with fine sand not to be missed!

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